Wizard Function

Hello everyone

I have this wizard, this print represent the 2nd step of it, my problem is, i have that values for skills and if i change some of value and just click next , if I want to go back the values return to the original before changes, in 3rd step i have a save button, and only if i click this button data is saved, what can i do for my next button save the values and keep the values that i changed ?

This is the logic that is implemented when i skip step by step.

Hope You can help me

Hi Goncalo,

- What kind of widget are you using on your screen? Form or Table records?
- Are you using a local variable or session variable?
- Could you share your oml file please?

Also, I'm sharing a basic example in the attachment.

Hope it helps.

With best regards,

That is my oml, if you can heklp me, my next at 2nd step doesn't change the values

Hi Goncalo,

The problem is; you're using TableRecords for skills part and every time you make ajax refresh table render again and you lost your updates. The table refers to original values.

I can't update your OML code because you have many dependencies. But, I tried to explain my solution in my example OML I attached to my reply please download and review.

  1. These are default values
  2. I changed the values and clicked the previous button then click again next. My updated values still available locally but not in the database yet.

My idea is; before you refresh the page take a snapshot of current values of the table. Then, bind your table from your backup - snapshot.

Hope it solves your issue.

With best regards,