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By default  Outsystem application redirect user to login page if not logged in . There is flow that gets executed when this happens like security exception is thrown from that user is redirected to login page. 

The requirement is that instead of redirecting user to login page , it should open login popup like below . any thoughts on how we can do this ? 

Hi Nilesh,

I haven't built that kind of logic before but, I'd like to share my idea if it fits for your requirement.
Like you said above, if a user is not authorized OutSystems will redirect to the user login page.

I added a condition into OnException flow if GetUserId() is null that means user not logged into the system. Otherwise, the user doesn't have permission for the screen.

I built my own login and popup page because we can't call popup in OnException action. (at least I don't know)
My authorization page opens a popup to authenticate.

If username and password are correct. User will redirect to the requested page like below.

I attached an example of OML.
Hope it gives an idea.

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Hi Nilesh,

I have created a sample for your condition. Hope it helps.