Images are MISSING - OutDoc (HTML) to PDF - Using Component from forge 'HTML to PDF'

Hello everyone,

Im adding a new funcionality to the OutDoc application to convert by clicking in a bottom OutDoc HTML to PDF like this:

Im using the component from Forge 'Html2PdfConverter' and its working well i can convert to pdf the html OutDoc and do the download. The problem is that when i open the pdf after the download i can see all the document except the outsystems Images that are in the suposed to be in the document disapered:



Can anyone help?? i cant find the solution anywhere and i dont understand why the images are missing .

Thanks for now


Well i found the solution :)

I analyse the HTML of the OutDoc with the 'inspector' and found out that the images that were appering in the pdf were GIF or PNG and the ones that disappered were '.ICO'.
So i convert all the outsystems images that were 'ICO' to PNG and it worked!

In conclusion:

The component "HTML to PDF" dosent support ICO files.