Source Record List in Combo Box


I have created one local variable and data type is Structure(LocalStatusList). Based on some logic, I added list of text values(ex: Maths, Science, Social) in the local variable(StatusList)

This is the screenshot of the structure where structure name is LocalStatusList and it has one structure attribute(StatusValues-- Datatype is(Text List))

Below is the screenshot of the property for the combo box. I have given StatusList.StatusValues as Source Record List. But If I see the suggestion editor of Source Attribute, It is showing none.  



Hi Divya,

I've tried to reproduce it, but without luck - if I use a structure with a single Attribute, Service Studio will suggest that Attribute for both the Source Attribute and Source Indentifier. Can you share a minimal eSpace that shows your problem?

Hi Kilian, 

It seens that he has a list of a list of a structure... 


Hi Divya,

Thank you for a well explained forum item.  I was able to reproduce your issue. When using a List of Text, the Combobox Source Attribute does not have an attribute to suggest.

If you use a List of Record with a Text attribute, rather than a plain List of Text, then the Source Attribute will allow you to select the text attribute of the Record.

As a suggestion, you may consider using a static entity for your status values.  However, I assume you have worked through this and decided for your situation a list of text will suffice.

The list should look like this in the DataType editor.

Then the source attribute will allow selection of the Status attribute

Hope this helps!

Ah, yes, a List of Text, didn't notice that, thanks Stuart! Indeed, a List of Text isn't possible as Source Record List of a Combo Box. I'd consider it a bug, but the solution is indeed to use a List of a Structure.