remove one item from a list in mobile

Hi guys, 

I am using a local variable in a list. I want to remove one list item from the list. Is there something like "list clear" for one item of the list (List Item Clear)? 




You can use ListRemove action.

Before using it, you need to iterate on your list, find out the row number of the item want to delete, and after the for each loop is complete you use the ListRemove using the row number as input parameter.


Hi Joao,

I guess ListRemove is only possible for Web Apps 

Nop. You can use a client action called ListRemove for mobile apps as well.

Thank you Joao! 

It works out well!!! 

It did not implement the iteration because removing something within an iteration causes errors ("list is beeing iterated remove is not allowed".)

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That's why I told you to find out the row number within the iteration, and only after the for each loop you use the ListRemove action... ;)

Nice you figured that out!

Sorry dude, it was a pretty hot day today ;)