Following Items in Forge

Hi community,

Several times, when I try to access to my "following" items from the Forge to easy access, is too difficult for me.

It would be interesting to have an easy way to reach the "Following" items when we access the Forge (after login) or also in our Profile, in "Activity" tab.


What is the reason you are following components?

For me it's that I would like to know when an update has happened or if there is any question related to that component.

For both of these situations I receive emails to notify me of any activity.

For the updates they also have the new feature in Service Studio where it shows a notification bell for any updates to installed components.

If you have another use case you should add an idea.

If you go this route make sure to add a link to the idea here in case people are looking for the same feature.

.Andres Moreno.

Hi Andres,

To answer to your question, my ideia is following the component with the purpose that you mentioned and also try to access to the component more faster, when I need to reuse the component in different projects. Like the “Saved posts” tab that we have in Facebook, for example.

I’ll route my case for the link that you shared with me.