Develop a low code outsystem app similar like Microsoft Visio


I have following requirement for my App

  1. The App should Run on Window platform i.e. ex-proofed tablets(e.g. Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme) or windows 10 desktop/Laptop. The app should work offline as well.
  2. Basic functionality is that the app should create Plant Layout with some custom shapes(similar like Microsoft Visio) .It will take some parameter input with respect to custom shape and then it will save to database for future reference.
  3. The app will have the drawing canvas where user can drag/drop custom shape for the plant layout. In addition to this on click of the custom shape it will show its properties.
  4. Refer the attachment for requirement.

Now my questions are as below

Is it possible with outsystem to develop such app with low code?

Is Micosoft Visio + OutSystem integration work?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Hi Dattatraya,

Unfortunately, the OutSystems Platform is not really compatible with your requirements. OutSystems cannot work offline on a PC or laptop (only on mobile devices), doesn't have any drawing canvas or similar capabilities, and doesn't have any Visio integration (at least not out of the box).

Why are you asking this? Are you evaluating the Platform, or are you tasked with creating the app and you need to use OutSystems?


Thanks for the quick reply!

I want to create a app(similar like above requirement picture)with low code framework.