Why some espace comparasions ends with duplicated elements?

Hi people,

Since I had to make some clones and sometimes need to compare and/or moving equal things around, I was seeing Service Studio duplicate elements on Compare and Merge Window that doesn't allows me to really compare the elements as on the right side the element that match is marked as deleted and the one I want to compare doesn't match one on left side.

The image bellow shows the duplication on right side and the element that matches is showing as deleted on right. This way I cannot mark both for comparison.

In this example both espaces have the same flow and are a difference I can check to make a move.

I don't want to copy and past in these scenarios.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Sometimes I was comparing a clone where I split part of implementation in more than one espace and want to compare part by part knowing that some elements were not be present as it was migrated/splited.

Hi Márcio,

This happens because you cut/pasted the elements, or added them independently. OutSystems doens't match on name, but on internal identifier. If you cut/paste a Screen, Action etc., a new Screen or Action with a new internal identifier is created, that just happens to have the same name.

Hi kilian,

I think it's part of the problem only, as I have seem many scenarios where it matches most of elements by ti's names(when what is been compared doesn't represents versions of same espace), don't know why.

I made some comparisons with splited espaces and even with the separation I still get it compared.

Hope to discovery what more is beeing considerated on comparison.


What do you mean by splitted espaces? Like Kilian has said, if you are cloning and/or cutting/pasting elements around in new modules they will always trigger comparison.

The splited espace example I mentioned is about an app with a unique espace that I have separated the interface part and the rest like server actions, entities, etc..

In this case I am still able to compare one part with the downloaded original version(not splited) and compare what change in with part.

I use this with cloned modules like Users and other apps cloned from forge to analyse the evolution of original ones against our clone. I can do two or more comparisons part agasinst whole other version without problems, just igonoring the parts I splited. Just screens, server actions, entities, etc..

Hi Márcio,

Again, like I said and like João confirmed, when copy/pasting elements, they get a new Id and they will appear as new elements when comparing. When cloning an eSpace, this doesn't happen - the elements if the cloned Module have the same Ids as those of the original Module. The same goes for merging: if you merge two Modules, and you select some source Module elements that do not appear in the target Module, the merge will copy the Ids.

So if you have ended up with some elements that compare without differences, and some elements that do, then somewhere you copy/pasted some elements, while others were cloned or merged.