I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if RichMail just does not support TLS 1.2.

I'm trying to get mail (specifically the attachements) from an outlook.com account for proof of concept purposes. In the future this will be a different account. However for some reason I can't seem to get the connection working. I'm using "Pop3GetMails" server action, the SecureProtocol input parameters accepts one of the following protocols (according to the documentation): "None", "Pct1", "Ssl2", "Ssl3" or "Tls1".

The outlook.com pop3 connector (and the account we will be using outside of the PoC) needs TLS1.2. How do I get Richmail to support TLS1.2 or are there other solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Richmail is an older component, and provided mostly for backwards compatibility. I don't know whether it supports TLS 1.2, or if not, whether such support is likely to be added.

A better approach might be to use a third-party service to handle the email management, and use REST services to interact with that service. This approach is described in the following thread:


I've got the same issue here.

Would OutSystems be open to donating the RichMail source to the community, if they no longer want to develop it?