I am having a known issue, but looking at other forum threads I could not find a solution. 

I have a list box that selects multiple items. It is a list of a structure with 2 attributes: name and a boolean is selected

I am trying to use the debugger to see if the boolean is changing once I make a selection, but it is not. I also need to assign the list of selected (true) items to a variable so I can use it.

How can I go about doing that, and why aren't the boolean values changing?

Thank you!

Hi Vinicius,

Are you looking into the list of the screen or to the list of the list box? for example if list box is called ListBox1 you should use ListBox1.List to check the changed values.



I am checking both. Both are all FALSE.

Edit: it is empty... ?

Yeah that list is empty it seems. No Idea what to do...



It can be that it looks empty in the debugger because you are not using it on the action itself. 

In attachment I have a working example of list box that I had done before.




Thank you Mr. Wizard Marcelo Ferreira.