Overriding Base theme "ExcludeFromPickers"


I was wondering if anyone could please help me with best practice.

I've created a custom theme with a base theme of Patterns_SilkUI. That base theme has a number of css styles listed in the "excluded from pickers" section. Is there any way to override those exclusions in my custom theme to allow some of those styles to be selected from the Style classes picker when creating applications from it? Or would my best bet be to make a copy of the Patterns_SilkUI theme, make changes to that and use that as a new base theme?

Thank you muchly,

Hello Christian,

I do not completely understand your question. However there is an interesting OutSystems course that covers the architectural choices when creating custom themes. 


Hopefully that helps.


Hi Christian,

why are you using Patterns_SilkUI as a base theme for your app? That theme meant to be used only for patterns and not being used as a base theme. 

I recommend you to use a theme like London, Liverpool, Vanilla, etc and see if you get your desired outcome. 

Additionally, as Erik mentioned, take a look at the course above. That's a lot of good stuff there that can provide you some guidance on this topic.