pass value on popup close in version 11


I'm trying to implement something like below in outsystems version 11.

- Parent  web screen that has a web block.

- The Web Block has a button to trigger a Popup.

- The Popup is implemented as web screen w/ popup layout. It displays a ListRecord and when one of the rows is selected, popup closes and selected row values are passed to the Parent Screen.

In my recognition, system flow will be like this.

1. Popup calls some server action(setting "return value" somewhere and closing itself).

2. The caller(Popup_Editor) somehow notices the popup close.(I believe Popup_Editor_Notify used to do this)

3. Action set as "On_Notify" in the Popup_Editor is triggered. Action triggers an Event inside.

4. Parent screen has an action to handle the triggered Event. It somehow retrieves the "return value" and reflect it to values in the parent screen.

I found out that "Popup_Editor_Notify" Action is deprecated (hence not shown by default on the RichWidgets Action list) in outsystems version 11.

Documentation says it was replaced by Event but I cannot find a way to fire Event from the popup (due to it being a web screen not web block), and as far as I understand, Popup needs to be web screen for it to be a "Destination".

So how to implement this? As a premise, I do not want to use session_variable nor the deprecated Popup_Editor_Notify. I'm sorry I cannot post a sample oml.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sho,

Until OutSystems fixes this, just use the Popup_Editor_Notify, deprecated or not. As it is currently, there's no other way to do this.


Hello Sho,

If you want to use a "popup", you need to follow @Kilian advice.

Particularly I am using MODALs to replace POPUPs.
It is not the same thing, of course, and depending on what you need, it can add a little bit of complexity or make things easier, as the Modal content will be in the page itself, not in another screen.


Hello Kilian and Eduardo

Thank you for the reply. Both answers helped.

I gues I'll use the deperecated Popup_Editor_Notify for now (to implement the popup trigger as web block for reuseablility), but I'll remember I can always go with modal!