BUG: Custom Mask on Edge Browser


Im having one problem with custom mask widget and I hope that someone can help me. 

When I use an custom mask widget and an autocomplete widgets at the same time I get some problems with focusing inputs on Edge. Does anyone knows anything about this?

I attach an OML and let an URL for a sample that I made to show you the problem:

» https://henriqueleite.outsystemscloud.com/MaskTest/Home.aspx

Process: On Edge browser, put an value on Decimal collumn and after that try to type on description field. The focusing on description input pass to decimal input automatically.

Thank you for your time,


Hi Henrique,

I stumbled on this problem as well a few weeks back. Since it was a new development I just switched libraries in order to implement masks. If you're set on using the Custom Mask library, have you tried updating the base JS library? I noticed that the extension is using an old version:

The current distribution on Github is

Hi Henrique, 

I think my colleague ran into the same problem (or very similar). There is a property related to focus that he had to disable, but don't remember it's name. 

I'll try to remember. 


Don't remember if it was keep static or clear mask on lost focus... 

Hello Henrique,
I had some issues identical to what you described, was able to fix it with the following settings:

Hope this applies to your case,
Best Regards

Hi guys,

Thank you a lot for your answers.

I have tried the solutions that Paulo Zacarias and Eduardo Jauch propose but I got the same result.

Please Afonso Carvalho just tell me one thing, Ive tried change the JS of the MaskPlugin for that one on the library that you had send. I got multiple errors from the CustomMasks, did I miss understood anything?

Thank you a lot for your help guys again,

Cheers, HL

Hello Henrique,

I opened the URL you provided and I'm not even able to reproduce your issue on Edge nor on IE.

A detail that I forgot was that the mask I'm using with that settings is a MaskText, not a MaskNumber as you provided on the OML.

Best Regards

My idea was to replace the older Mask JS library here with the newer on Github:

About the errors you're getting, could it be that you replaced all of the code? The section that says "phone-codes" should stay, as it is a different library.


Thank you Afonso, I got a solution for the problem based in what you sugest.

Updated the MaskPlugin in the way that Afonso sugested, but instead of using the version 5, I updated the code to the version 4.0.8:

Github url: https://github.com/RobinHerbots/Inputmask/blob/4.x/dist/min/jquery.inputmask.bundle.min.js

You can test the correction on the same URL that I post above.

Thank you a lot for your help guys again,

Cheers, HL


Glad you got it sorted out Henrique, and thank you for sharing the solution! I liked this application, just couldn't use it with these incompatibilities.