Popups, Outsystems UI and Internet Explorer 11


I recently noticed an issue with the Outsystems UI Date Picker pattern in one of our popup screens that only happens on IE11. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the issue happens because the "ie11" class is not being automatically added to the "body" element, as it happens with screens that are not displayed inside a popup.

I was able to work around this issue by adding the class with Javascript, but that feels like a hacky solution for something that should work out of the box.

So is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hi Aurelio,

I'll pass this to the team so they could take a look at it.
This seems a bug.


That said, even Microsoft themselves advices against using IE, so the fact it's supported at all is already pretty weird.

@Eduardo: Thank you!

@Killian: Believe me, I truly wish I didn't have to deal with IE, but the customer's always right :)

The only solution for IE is Microsoft itself disabling it remotely... :/ (forcing people to use alternatives).
Convincing clients that they should limit their sites and not support IE is almost impossible. 

@Aurelio: I also share your feelings about the IE. Hope that the future brings better winds!!