I am not able to implement wizard with icons. i have attached an image as to what i want and my olm file.

here is the image


Hi Avneet,

Create a Webblock for dynamic wizard and add the input parameter with datatype of resultitem list

Inside a webblock place wizard widget and inside wizard widget content place a list record widget and set the source record property of the list record widget to input parameter of the webblock.

Set the line separator property to none

Inside list record place the wizard Item

Place Icon inside Icon place holder and enclose in if condition 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

DetailsList.List.Current.Id <> DetailsList.List.Current.Currentstage

Inside content placeholder place expression with the name

Now set the Step property of the wizard item widget with condition

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

If(DetailsList.List.Current.Id = DetailsList.List.Current.Currentstage,Entities.Step.Active,Entities.Step.Past)

Now place this webblock inside product details page.

Hope this will help you in resolving the issue. Attaching oml for reference




Hi Koushik,

one thing is that there is an api named getdesigndetails. You have used GetDesignList  instead of that. For getting status there is a different API which is GetDesignDetails. Just try with that once.

Both API structures are almost similar where did you face the issue. Just give it a try before posting in forums. 

Hi Koushiik,

the issue i am facing now is that the order of names of stages are coming according to the response while i want the stages to be displayed in ascending order in accordance with id  of designstages.

Plus i want that when a certain is not reached i mean stages after the current stage. i want a grey circle what will be the condition for that? keeping this in mind there arises three conditions

1. when stages are done.

2. current stage.

3. upcoming stages.

1) First sort the getdesign data based on the id parameter

2)Now set the sorted data to the input parameter of the webblock

attached oml file for reference.

Thanks a lot Koushik. It worked.

Just one small thing how to apply 3 different colors in three different conditions of stages.

like when past: orange check

when active: orange circle O

when next: grey circle.