i am want to create variable hard code with my email and set  as admin to test. But i don't know. Please explane.  

Hello Harish, 

Can you please explain what you are trying to do and the issues you are facing. 


You should explain better what is your problem and what have you tried to do to create an hard coded variable.

1st To create a variable with your email you can simply create a normal variable of the text type and as a default value put your email. This variable will only be available in the screen you create it or if you pass it as a input parameter.

2nd You can create a session variable in the data TAB or service studio with the same method as before.

This variable will be avalable while you have a session.

3rd You can create a site property variable type that is always available and after published can be edited in the service center.

Last one you can create a table of configurations and insert that configuration there and call it from database (but this one is more usefull when you have a lot of configurations and dont want to store in session or site propeties)