Hello Everyone...

Can you guys please help me with the usage of charts... I have data in Excel sheet which i want to plot using Bar or Column chart

Hi Poorvi,

Have you checked out this link?


Do you already have the data within your application? What is your current status?

Sir i Am trying to import the data in the sourceDataPointList (Its in the Property Pane of Column Chart)....But on selecting the Entity it is Showing error.....Can you tell me what should i fill in it

Hi Poorvi,

What Entity do you "select" and how? What kind of error is showing?


i was trying to plot sales vs target (consisting of 30 points,Values were specified in excel table) But its not working as the chart asks for SourceDataPointList and on selecting sheet1 it shows error that incorrect datatype or Getsheet1 identifier should be determined  ........Please guide me Sir I have to Plot the chart for this data ....I am new to Outsystem 

Thank you

the data is shown in image for which i need graph

Hi Poorvi,

The chart asks you for a DataPoint List and you're trying to feed it your Excel directly. You'll need to convert the data in your Excel into a DataPoint List that you can then feed into your chart.

Create a local variable of the DataPoint List type, cycle through the data in your Excel, fill out the List, and then feed that List to your Chart widget on the screen.

@Afonso: that's bad advice! You can directly assign + map the Excel output to a DataPoint List! And even if you couldn't you wouldn't "cycle through the data", it's inefficient and unnecessary!

While you can directly map the Excel output into a DataPoint List, if you want to create different data series and customise sets of datapoints, it's clearer inside an explicit cycle. Normally, I'd just offload that logic work to the database and have it send out the list, but if Poorvi is working with an Excel file, it's going to depend on wanting to have that extra step of saving the results to an Entity.

I wouldn't recommend it if you're holding a list with half a million DataPoints, but there are plenty of cases where I'd gladly cycle through a few dozen records to make an action more legible. I should have made this clear in the original comment!

But I do agree that directly mapping those attributes in simpler cases is the best. Thank you for the heads up.