I've made a web app and want to change the London theme. 

Can you give me the step, about change theme? or Is there perhaps documentation that I can go and look at?

*Service studio 11.0

Hi Ayu, there is automatic pathway to migrate between themes. Because they can vary a lot in terms of placeholders.

Best you can do is just changing them within your espace, by referencing the new one and unreferencing the current one, and fixing the warnings that True Change will raise.

Hi Ayu,

If you want to change anything in the london theme, you can create your own module that uses the london theme as a base theme. Then create a custom theme for this module in the interface tab. For that theme you can change the css to your liking by overwriting or adding css styles. You can then use this modules theme (after making it public) in the rest of your application landscape.