How to make a home page dynamic using Weblock

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this is possible but wanted to post the question. My current use case is that I currently have approximately 60 different reports that need to be displayed to different end users. So for example, a group of users may belong to Group A and will only have access to Report 1 through 10 while Group B may only have access to Reports 20 through 40. 

Is there a way that I can make a dynamic weblock homepage? Meaning, if Group A logs into the Module, the platform will recognize this user and dynamically populate the homepage with their list Report 1 to 10 list of reports? If a user from Group B logs in, the application automatically renders this homepage weblock with their reports from 20 to 40. I would like to only use one weblock that will render the appropriate reports verses creation 40 or more static webpages that the users will be delivered to if possible. It thought about having 1 static webpage that will act as a traffic cop by identifying the user and reports assigned by the userid and pass the parameters and user to weblock homepage but seems like I am unable to assign a weblock as a destination link. 

Thanks in advance for your advice. 

hello yes you can do this but do not do this manualy.

Create an entity responsible for this group management and then in the home page preparation call that entity that will return you all reports that group can see.

Then you have a list record that is populated with the values returned by that entity (as result you shoudl have one Id for line).

With this id you can call a webblock that is reponsible for load a report based on the id it receives as an input parameter.

Other ideia is to have a bridge Home page(a home page without screen only preparation and the end of the preparation is a navigation to other page) where it will direct you to the correct page based on the group you belong

Hello. Did you try putting both the webblocks on the same screen and just put them inside an if statement to show which webblock you wanted to show depending on the user.