Send notification to users session


In my application I invoke an interface which responds asynchronously. Whilst waiting for a response the user is able to complete an application form. 

When the interface response is received I want a feedback notification to display on the user screen (assuming the user is still present) - ideally I want the response information to be displayed on the screen dynamically however a feedback message is also fine. 

How can I push notifications to a users session?

Hi Elliot,

The simplest solution would be to have a Javascript snippet that periodically clicks an invisible button, with the button calling an action on the screen with logic to check to see if you've received a reply and then refreshes the screen or shows a feedback message.

This is very easy to implement unlike a true push notification system, but it won't be an exact match for when you receive your callback (since the Javascript will run on a period defined by you), so it's going to depend on how accurate you need this feedback to be.


I have accomplished this using WebSockets, the one I have used is Pusher. They have a a cloud offering that you can try for free.

Here is a forge component that shows you how to use this.

Andres Moreno