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Published on 21 Apr by Experts
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Published on 21 Apr by Experts


We need a function to put a read-only TAG and that nothing of the TAG can be modified. I have seen that, in Cordoba plugin that is using your component, has this funcitons, so... could you update the component to use it?


It would be really helpful if you could provide pointers to the specific things in the source Cordova plugin, you would like to see added to the NFC Plugin component. 

Which specific functions do you need to support your use case?

I need to be able to put a read-only TAG. I have seen a function called "private void makeReadOnly" that could be the desired one (but I don't know enougth Cordova).

Also, if MAC Adrres could be returned from the TAG in addition to the ID could really great, like NFC Tools from Android, like this:

Thank you so much,


Good news. 

I've just published a new version of the component that adds the MakeReadOnly client action, as well as a client action for erasing tag contents.

Please note that making a tag read-only is a PERMANENT operation, and cannot be undone. Please use with caution!

Also, while I've done some basic testing on the new client actions, please do your own testing to ensure they're working before using them in a production environment.

I will look at what would be involved in surfacing the MAC address, and update if I'm able to implement that.


We have tested the new readonly option and it works fine! So many thanks! :D

Talking about the "mac", I believe that could be some kind of transformation of "id", but I don't find a way to do it... Or maybe is another parameter of NFC Tag, and has no relation...