Filter using On Change for a label rather than a button

I'm following the tutorial 6.2 Screen Interaction Exercise.

This allows you to filter movies using a button.

I want to extend this to filtering movies as text is entered. So in the input box On Change I've added my Destination as the filter screenaction.

I set the filter as the action on change, but it doesn't work...

Hi Steven,

As per post, I get to know that you are using one aggregate to fetching movies data,and binding to the list widget. But I think on the  onchange action again you are using another aggregate with filter of text entered. But here you are not binding it to the filtered aggregate back to list,That was the issue. So add a filter on the first aggregate itself, and on the onchange action refresh the aggregate data.

Hope this will help you in resolving the issue.




Hi Steven.

You will need to understand a little bit about AJAX. There's a chapter about AJAX down the road - if you're feeling adventurous, take a peek until you understand the Ajax Refresh tool, and what it does. The On Change is an AJAX action, so it won't change anything in the screen unless you explicitly refresh some part of the screen.

You will also need the Refresh Data tool to re-execute the aggregate but using the new filter. This is also covered in the AJAX chapter.