[Human Readable Change History] Human-readable Change History - Include database catalog in queries

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Published on 9 Mar by Stuart Harris
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Published on 9 Mar by Stuart Harris


I have an application that I've moved to a separate outsystems database catalog. Realized that the app seems to be reading data from the main catalog (outsystems) instead of the database catalog that the referenced entity is in

Would it be possible to include the database catalog as part of the advanced queries when retrieving the value from the database?

It is possible in theory. I do not have access to any environment where I can use DB catalogs, though. If you could provide access to an environment like that, I could probably take a look at making and testing the change.


Hi Justin, 

Unfortunately i do not have one that can be accessible externally. Howeve, I took a look at your program and made these changes

1. Modify GenReferencedEntityBySSKey to retrieve Espace and DBCatalog. 

2. Modify all the advanced queries to include the DB catalog in the string