Cannot put List Records under Form


For some reason I cannot place a List Records widget under a Forms widget. I am going through the Web Developer guide path on exercise 8.2 Ajax Interactions. I am using our on premises server for the exercises on version 11.0.520.0

Looking at the forum posts I came across one that said this has been fixed in version 10, does this limitation still exist?


Hi Curtis,

This limitation is still in place. You can't use a List Records or a Table Records inside a Form. I'm looking at the exercise material and I assume that you're referring to this step:

The List Records for the sidebar is outside the form - two containers (MainContainer and Sidebar) split the screen, and the Form resides in the MainContainer, while the Sidebar has the comment content. Step 4 of the PDF details how all the elements are rearranged to fit this new content.


Hi Afonso,

Thanks for clarifying the limitation and I will look into correcting the containers arrangement for the exercises and running through it again.