QA Tester : Non Developer Manual tester want to pursue Outsystems QA Tester Career.

Hi Experts.

I am not a developer but was a functional consultant in ERP in big MNC's. Now I am doing manual testing for Outsystems Client since last 1.5years. Can I get further making my career as Outsystem QA Test Consultant? If yes how what all Automation tools or work flow i can study to go ahead.

Please guide me with your kind advise.


I think one tool/application you should know is the BDD Framework:

This article has also some information about testing:

Hope this helps



Eduardo Jauch wrote:

And I was almost forgetting...


Thank you, Eduardo. I found the Article very informative and starting the Outystems lectures online. But after completion and without Developer Background will I get good job opportunities as well. Please guide.


This I can't tell.

The market is in high need of OutSystems developers, and testing skills are highly valuable.
But don't know the market for testers, specifically.

I know a few testers and companies that have testers. Most of the time, only medium to big company hire testers, so the market is smaller than for developers.


Eduardo Jauch wrote:

And I was almost forgetting...


Thank you Eduardo,

Do OutSystems provides certification for testers also.




Not at this moment (afaik).


Hi Tester_Pooh.

You, my find relevant the materials/links shared on the following Forums post:

It contains several links for important information of best practices to do testing of OutSystems applications.