As referenced in this question ( I am displaying a video from a database using the WebPatterns>Controls>Video player from OutSystems UI.

In fact I downloaded the oml file in the solution from Eduaro Jauch to test here:

If you view this in Chrome it displays correctly:

But if you look in IE11 it cannot display the video with the error "Unsupported video type or invalid file path:

Note that we only started seeing this behaviour in our apps after upgrading the platform from 10 to 11, so anyone got any ideas?


In my computer (:D) it works both in IE11 and EDGE.

Did you try this?

They recommend installing some sort of video codec pack on windows to be able to use HTML5 video tag on IE11...

Probably my computer already has this installed :)



I just tested YOUR version, and your version of the app does not work... :/
Did you make any change to the code I posted?

Try this one:

Also, you could check if you have the latest OutSystemsUI version installed?