Hi Guys,

So I have these queries which gets large data from an SQL Server version 2017. I'am encountering an error of which if you check the logs it shows these entries:

Upon closer inspection to each of the entry, it says in the log below:

My Solution but still getting those error.

1. I tried to increase the Timeout property of my SQL queries but still to no avail.

Any help will be much appreciated :D


Hello Ismael, 

Could you put here the entire error message and stack trace? 

Also, what version of the platform? 

Where is this query being made? In a server action called from a Timer? Called from a Screen Action? 



You'll have to figure out a way to optimise your query.

What I'd do is check that all the JOINs have conditions, to avoid doing a CROSS JOIN, then remove them, and add them back one by one until the query fails.

Then look at the data model and figure what indexes might help speed up the query.

Or you could, if you have access to the database, start the SQL Profiler, grab the executed SQL and then use the SQL Server dev tools to see exactly what's happening.


Hi Ismael,

Have you looked into how long your query is taking? Can you share it with us?