Hello everyone,

    When i am  using  video widget to show the video , i have a problem about how to get the time of displaying video. Because i would like to create a button/link ,it will show up when a user finish the video. Is it possible to automatically get the time of video when a administrator upload a video in outsystems .

If anyone could help me, i will very appreciate :) .

Hi Jimmy,

First, to directly answer your question, it is not possible to get the length of the video when uploading, at least not without additional components that understand the video format etc.

Secondly, knowing the runtime of a video does not help you in the least, because it will not tell you when the user finishes watching the video, as the user can pause the video, or a slow connection may pause the video etc. What you would need is some event that is triggered when the video is done, but I'm not sure whether the widget provides that. What video widget do you use? The one from SilkUI, or OutSystems UI, or some other one? 

Thanks for your response Kilian.

 The video widget i use is from "Outsystems UI" . I would like to make a video UI function that forces users must finish watching video ,after that they can go to next step. Is it possible to do that as you know? or can you suggest me what should i do?

The following picture is the video widget i use.

Thanks for your help ,i very appreciate that :).