Hello,I would like help in a situation. I'm developing a system in which the user upload an excel via pop-up upload so that data is saved in the database.

In my flow i use the ExcelToRecordList using as a parameter a Structure that I have already created with the fields that I hope to receive.

The User downloading the Excel sample that is the result of my Structure, fills the data and uploads.But when it sends this Excel it gives the following error: "String was not recognized as a valid Boolean".

None of the attributes are Boolean.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi David,

I have never seen this. Can you upload an OML (Module) with the Structure, and preferably also an example Excel? That will help us troubleshoot.

I found the problem.
The spreadsheet data was edited by LibreOffice in xlsx format.
For some reason even though it is xlsx, but created or edited in LibreOffice it has this error.
Thanks for the help.

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback!