Getting rid of this annoying tooltip.

Hello all.

I am trying to get rid of this second tooltip that is showing with the word "Chart" that displays no matter what. When I change the "tooltip" it changes the bottom one. 

I have a suspicion that I have to change either the JSON or CSS, but no clue how to do that. If you include that in your answer, please specify some steps so I can follow it a little easier. I have trouble editing these.

I am also having this issue! Can someone please help??

The "second tooltip" is the Title of the element. Check whether you have "Chart" somewhere as a Title or Name Property in the Chart or the enclosing container(s).

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

The "second tooltip" is the Title of the element. Check whether you have "Chart" somewhere as a Title or Name Property in the Chart or the enclosing container(s).

I do not, in any of them, have them as either name or title as "Chart". I looked in every container. I also tried using the extended properties to modify it but with no success:

@MarceloFerreira would know what to do!

Check with the browser's devtools what element is called like that, and try to see if it maps to something in your code.

I cannot find it, could you please be more descriptive. Like I said in the original post, it would be more helpful if you'd specify where to find these things...

Hi Vinicius,

Open the page where you have your chart. And then right click on it. You'll get a context menu:

It's going to be different in every browser, but click on whatever mentions "page source" or "source code".

You'll get the raw HTML of the page:

Press CTRL+F and search for Chart and title="Chart". See what you find and if you can map it to elements in your espace.


Hi Vinicius,

I want to help, but I'm not going to baby-feed you and spell it all out for you - as a developer, you need to have some basic understanding of the matter you are attending to! I would say that every OutSystems developer should at least know the basics of the browser's development tools (F12 in Chrome, Edge and Firefox), and how to check what attributes and CSS are applied. If you don't, find the time to acquaintance yourself with it!

For now, I'll show what I meant, assuming Chrome as the browser:

  • Open the Screen in the browser;
  • Press F12 to open the development tools;
  • Click the "Select Element" icon in the top left corner of the tool window ();
  • Click the chart area.

In the tools window, you should see the current HTML, which should look something like this:

Everything inside the span around the div having the "OSChart" class is generated by OutSystems, as a result of you adding a Charts Widget to the Screen. Everything outside that is your code. I would guess the "Chart" title is part of a div that encloses the span. That div is in your code. You should be able to find it in Service Studio.


Hello all, sorry if that sounded like I wanted to be spoon feed basic concepts like dev tools, I meant like what title it was, since there are 100 titles in that page. We have found it was this particular one:

We will try to figure out a script that runs and gets rid of that specific title. 

Thank you all.

Hi Vinicius,

Sorry for sounding cranky :). It's great you found the culprit.