XMLRecords, is there any sample for export the xml with the compound-type ?

I am dealing with XMLRecords Plugin, but I cannot find a way to export the output xml with a compound-type structure. 

What am I doing wrong in the configuration ?

Many Thanks in advance.


Try using a Record List of attribute instead of a List:

Afonso Carvalho wrote:


Try using a Record List of attribute instead of a List:

Hi Afonso, 

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I have tried both List & Record List, the results are the same. 

I just wonder if this plugin (using the function RecordListToXml) is able to handle the compound-type structure.

For instance, 


   <Facility name="classroom_1" location="floor_1" />

   <Facility name="classroom_2" location="floor_2" />

   <Facility name="classroom_3" location="floor_3" />


      <Student name="Tom" age="12"></Student>

      <Student name="John" age="14"></Student>



Would you mind giving me a sample to show how I can achieve above xml ?

It is capable of handling those sorts of structures, my previous project involved something like that. I'll write you an example.


Hi Afonso, 

Finally, I find out the root issue which is related to the plugin version.

The latest version has already achieved above xml sample. 

Many Thanks


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