SAP Integration- requirements

My client want to integrate SAP in his Outsystems application. Before integration want to know the below answers, but am not getting any details about those. Below are my queries, please help to answer. 

1. Can Outsystems integrate with SAP offline, means SAP is not online and on local only. (Don't have much idea about SAP)

2 What condition SAP system must fulfill to get integrate with Outsystems.  Is there any SAP licensing or permission required for this.

Please  suggest.


Vikas Sharma

Stacey Levine wrote:

Here is a starting place:

Hi Dear,

Thanks for the update. I have gone through above link and there is one statement  " These apps can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, in a high performance and scalable environment that is automatically monitored and audited."

So according to this statement, can we have both OutSystems's and SAP in on-premises and no need to be live/online.  Please suggest.

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Hi.  It seems like you are using online to mean cloud.  If that is the case, then yes. OutSystems can be installed on premises and not in the cloud. Yes. It can connect to a locally installed SAP instance.