Downloading a demo from the Forge User Experience challenges

Has anyone else attempted to download a demo where the demo has been uploaded using the newer demo interface.  From a user discover basis the experience seems to less than optimal.

1)  The forge entry doesn't make it obvious that there is a demo included unless you click on the down arrow on the download button.

2) if installing from the service studio there is no indication that there is a demo you might also like to install.  A user is completely unaware that there is a demo, so as we unbundle demo's from their forge components there is now no useful demo to show a user how to use the component. 

3)  The only way to install the demo is to download the component and the demo and then install.  This results in OutSystems thinking you now have a custom install.

4) If you create a a different icon for the demo once downloaded from the forge the demo has the same logo as the component.

In the environment in which the demo is created

after installing from the forge, also name now has a hypen.

Has anyone else's experience been the same?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to pass it along to OutSystems.


Did you ever hear back from OutSystems on this.  Had the same poor user experience accessing the new chat bot demos last week.

Hi Paul,

In fact I didn't. I'll put it to their attention again.