I'm asking for advice and ideas from people who have implemented detailed exception flows beyond those which are provided by OS.

User Exceptions seem largely useless, being module specific and not containing any data other than a single string. Passing any sort of exception message containing data from, say, a Library module up to a Core Service doesn't seem to be supported. Currently it seems the only way to get any information out of User Exceptions is through string comparisons on the 'exception message'?

I've ended up looking into solutions such as creating JSON strings which contain the data I want, passed around inside the 'exception message''...  which doesn't seem like something I should have to do.

Has anyone had success implementing more sophisticated exception strategies within outsystems' extremely limited tools?

Hi Michael,

Could you help us understand your use case a little better? I've always viewed that String as an error message, I've never felt the need to pass detailed information inside of it. 

Typically, the context inside an Action where an Exception occurred is not of interest to the Actions that invoked it - everything that I'd need to settle that Exception is done within the same Action, and everything else just needs to know an Exception occurred.

Hi Michael,

The OutSystems Platform indeed supports only limited exception handling. Basically it's useful for actual error handling, but not for passing along any meaningful data. If you're used to other programming languages that have a more robust way of dealing with exceptions, I can imagine this feels as a limitation. So my only advise would be to treat exceptions as events that really shouldn't happen, instead of generating them yourself and try to do something meaningful with it.