[IdP] When IdP_SSO_URL return url of NoPermisson screen ?

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Published on 4 Nov by Telmo Martins
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Published on 4 Nov by Telmo Martins

When using function IdP_SSO_URL it return current url access (Example:https://myDomain/ScreenCurrent.aspx) but sometime it return url of screen Nopermisson so i don't know this url return by mechanism check role of outsystem or this function.

One more question how to control this url when it return current url or url of NoPermission url



Hi Tung,

By default, it will use the URL that was requested from the browser. However in your end user app, if you do an extra round trip to the browser to display and "call" NoPermission screen, that's the one that will be used to redirect the user after the login from the component.

You can also specify one in the call IdP_SSO_URL, which will be used instead.