Hello all!

I'm using FullCalendar 2, and it looks great, but for some reason my times are being offset by a few hours when I'm clearly making the events to be :

I don't even think it's a FullCalendar issue, since the table records are showing offset time as well.

I also changed the Fullcalendar JSON to add timezones to see if they'd change, but no luck.

Thank you in advance!

If you are using the cloud version of OutSystems, the database always stores things in UTC. That could be your issue.

Oh that makes sense, how would I go about fixing it? Just manually offset everything?

I tried changing the advanced config for FullCalendar to change the timezone, but that did not work:



You probably just need to switch with the data. there are some other components in the forge that can help with tzoffsets

So I checked the entity itself, and the times / dates are correct here. but when they display in the widgets, they are all offset. So I can change the data all I want, but it will still be offset. And everytime I need to use the data it will be offset as well.


Can you try posting your question directly on the FullCalendar component itself? That way the team that built the component gets notified and you will have your best chance of getting an answer

Well the issue is not necessarily with full calendar as I mentioned before. The data is stored correctly in the entity, but when widgets read it, it is offset. It's offset in the Table Records too. 

Hi Vinicius,

What i guess that your problem it's that the date it's saved with the server side hour causing a the offset.

My suggestion:

  1. Fetch the calendar data source with a server action;
    • iterate all the events:
      • using the Geo plugin (or some plugin that has timezone conversions).
      • Set the current timezone and convert the dates (server side timezone) to the current timezone;
  2. Remember also to create a CreateOrUpdate server action for the calendar events where you make the date conversion from current timezone to the server timezone.

I try to explain this in a resumed way, if my answer isn't accurate or you have in doubts please reply.

Best regards,
Rúben Oliveira