I want to insert a chart and I am using this example from Highcharts.



In the "On Initialize" client action I have this script to check the version:

alert (Highcharts.version);

In debbug, I got an error when I pass in this JS function. I get this description in the service center:

Highcharts is not defined

Any idea how I can solve this situation?

Many thanks

Is there any specific reason that you are trying to check the version? Since highcharts is included, as long as you are using the system version - there is no reason to do the check.


Also, be aware that OutSystems uses a slightly modified version of Highcharts, so though all the chart parameters are the same as shown in the documentation, there may be some differences like "Highcharts" not being defined.

Thanks for the quick answer.

About the question of Stacey Levine. I only check the version just to see if the HighCharts are available.

I just want to test an example of the chart. Do I have to download something to work properly? I already have the Json to test, this Json was provided in the demo of Highcharts. 

Best Regards

Hi Pedro,

If you reference any chart from the Charts Module, Highcharts will be guaranteed to be available. There's no need to check for it.

Since highcharts is part of the platform, you can just use it. There are a lot of help around charts. Here is just one example that might give you some info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SImlviB39gs&t=4s


I already told you, that doesn't work. "Highcharts" is not available in JavaScript. Also, if you include a Chart on your Screen, OutSystems already calls the Highcharts JavaScript to show it. You should not attempt to call Highcharts yourself.


I reference the BarChart and put inside a div and set "display:none;". 

Now, I have the library ok. 



I delete everything and just use the chart and the "Advanced Format".
It works perfectly. I was complicating too much

Thanks for the help.

Hi Pedro,

Good to hear you got it solved! Happy coding!