Deserializing GOLANG "Map" Structures

We are consuming REST calls written in GOLANG that include these "Property Buckets" (they are undefined but OS reads them as string initially - some responses are returned as these extended properties- *Map structures* and this breaks the app when they are included).  For now we have just been manually adding everytime we get a deserialization error, but they change over time and it is becoming unmanageable.  We need to not only deserialize them, but also be able to send them back in the request.  Is there any way to do this without having every potential definition defined beforehand?  We cant control what they are sending as it is a third party adding these.  I'm not completely familiar with GO, but my understanding is that the MAP can have dynamic keys and can also include additional maps within each one.  This is a real nightmare to handle and maintain in Outsystems for us.  Is there a better way to handle this?

Hi Andrew, 

Not sure about how you receive your json. 

If you can identify those dynamic properties in the json, you can manipulate the Jason text (OnAfterResponse) to transform it in a list of pairs of property/value. 

This way you could have a fixed structure. 

Later on, in the OnBeforeRequest you would get this list and reconstruct the Json to include them in the original format. 

Can't think of any other way to deal with 'dynamic properties' in a REST... 

Hope this helps, or that someone else has a better solution.