How can I play a Scorm file in a mobile device?

Hi Christian,

Does a Scorm file refer to this? Flipping through the documentation, it appears to be a standard for both content and an API. You'd have to process the XML and display the resources (HTML, images, video) described in it.

Could you provide us more details - an example file and your use case?

Yes thats it. I'm having trouble in playing it in the mobile devices, First I save the file in the local storage and try to open it using the InAppBrowser plugin but I can't play the file.

Do you mean this plugin? It's not a bad idea, but I don't know how compatible it is going to be with something saved to the local storage - the documentation says you'd need a URL to load your page.

Do you get any errors? Can you show us how how you're trying to open this?