ButtonDropdown OS11 without SILK?


Developer thank you for reading this post. In silk there is a cool widget, the ButtonDropdown. In OS11 we can use the OutSystemsUIWeb that also contains a lot of cool widgets. Only the ButtonDropdown is not in there. We tried to duplicate the widget from silk to our app to prevent a reference to silk. Only it then requires also a JQuery SilkUI libary to work.

Is this widget going to be added to the OutSystemsUIWeb libary or is there a way to extract it from silk?

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You can use OutsystemsUI's "Dropdown" pattern to achieve very similar results. Take a look.

Hi Aurelio, thank you for your response. Yes I have seen that widget only it's a bit different because this dropdown takes the width from the longest value in de list. The one from Silk overflows. Take a look


Then you can use CSS to give it a maximum width. Something like this:

.dropdown-header.select {
    max-width: 100px;

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Hi Aurelio, almost there. When I put the dropdown in a panel and don't apply any css this is what happens:

It's a bit hard to tell what's going on without looking at your code. Have you switched to an OutsystemsUI theme and layout?

Hi Aurelio,

The app is build on the Outsystems UI. So I think you can also see this problem if you add a panel to a page and add the dropdown to the action of the panel.