Web application favicon not used as icon on iOS mobile devices


We have a web application (OS11) that is also accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices. When we create a shortcut to the web page on an Android device it uses the favicon for the web application as icon - which is what we want. But on iOS devices it just uses a screenshot of the web page. I cannot get the favicon to be used there.

Hoping someone out there has a suggestion on how to achive this.

Alfio Esposito


Misread this! Let me try again.

I initially thought you meant an actual mobile application instead of a desktop app. From reading, it appears that you need to add a custom element to your HTML that will be recognized as a "sort of favicon" in iOS:


You can use the AddLinkTag action in the HTTPRequestHandler extension to do this:

And then include your element in the Resources folder of your Espace:

With Deploy Action set to "Deploy to Target Directory".


Thank you very much Afonso. That did the trick.