Sudden Module wide Insufficient stack to continue executing the program safely.

While working on an application today we've noticed that suddenly one of our modules is throwing "Insufficient stack to continue executing the program safely." when doing basically anything on any screen in that module. The only changes we've made today in that module were minor and contained to particular actions that we aren't even calling on.

Any ideas on why this might be or how to fix?


This is something you should probably contact support on.  I have seen this in the past when there was a loop causing the machine to run out of resources.


We've managed to narrow it down to a specific server action within an action I was working on today because when we disable the server action it manages to work fine.

Now we're looking into what is wrong with the values we're feeding into that action as we're using it elsewhere in other modules without issue


Alright so oddly enough the server action was having issue with us referring to 2 "show record" objects on the screen as when I changed it to all refer to an aggregate in the prep instead all the issues stayed gone. Odd but suppose I'll put the answer here in case someone else has this exact issue