add input history autocomplete


How im turning on the ability to keep search text typed history in input text? means when user makes searches i want the input to keep the searches he types in the past?


Hi Shahar,

You cannot do this, as it has nothing to do with OutSystems, but with your browser. Your browser may decide to keep past inputs. I'd advise you to google for it to see whether there's something you can direct your browser to do so.

@Killian, maybe he just want to navigate to another page and when come back the input kept the value used in a search, for example? 


If that's the case, like you have a list page with a search input and when the user makes a search and filter the list and navigate to an item detail page, when he comes back you want to keep what was typed, you can use a session variable. 

Just go to data layer and in the session variables folder add a session variable (let's say, Search). 

Than bind the input to that variable Session.Search.


P. S. Session variables keep their value between requests.