Creating a text array for statuspage web service api using double quotes

On the statuspage web service api, there is a Post method to 'Unsubscribe a list of subscribers', and it requires an string array of subscriber codes to work. This is the only unsubscribe method we can use in our situation.

The string format for this is: [ "code", "code", "code" ]

Although Outsystems interprets 2 double quotes ("") to be a single quote, when passed to the web service we don't think it's using the escape sequence to pass a single quote each time, rather it passes [ ""code"", ""code"", ""code"" ] and ultimately gives us a 422 HTTP status code for bad syntax.

We've tried plenty of different variations of "", """", chr(48) and replace() to convert the quotes to no avail.

Any advice? 

Many thanks,


Using Outsystems Sevice Studio 10.0.


Thanks for the response. We were able to change the request parameter on the API call from text to a text list and appending the codes to the list that way solved the issue.