I'm working through the mobile exercise and, I'm not able to find the ToggleSidebar action.  It's not a possible item to select.   I'm using version 11.0.5.

See the following image:

What you need to do is, in the client action where you are handling the toggle (button onclick action, for example), drag a client action widget from the toolbox onto the action flow, and then type "togg" in the search box as shown above. The ToggleSidebar action will be among the available options. Select it, click OK, and you should be done.

Note that you do need to give your Sidebar widget a value for the Name property, in order to be able to point the WidgetId of the ToggleSidebar action to the sidebar's Id (i.e. MySidebar.Id).


What I had to do was to go into manage dependencies and select ToggleSide bar in OutsystemsUIMobile under \CientActions\SideBar.



 I am having the same issue. I dont have the OutSystemsUIMobile under dependencies and OutSystemsUI does not have \SideBar\ToggleSideBar