Hi there!

I am a new user attempting to go through the mobile systems training for outsystems and am running into an issue using the one-click publish on the first exercise of the course training.

Here is the error I keep seeing (Ignore the blacked out name on the link):

All I did was start a new mobile phone application, open a mobile module, and try to press 1-click publish and I'm already getting these errors and don't know how to fix them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the most recent system, tried updating everything I can in the forge, made sure the environment is as up to date as possible, and still I am running into these errors. Additionally, I have had trouble getting a response from support involving issues like this and environment issues that stop me from using my own environment, so I am having to use a coworker's environment.

So I'm throwing it out to the forums now to see if anyone may have an answer for this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jake,

As you are starting now, and this seems to be a problem with your personal environment, you need to ask OutSystems to take a look at it.

Please go to this page and open a Support ticket, explaining what is happening. As soon as this is fixed they will let you know.