A few days ago I received several messages that my environment was reaching the capacity limit in the database and I following steps to reduce the size of my environment.


But, after doing what you are asked in the link I haven´t seen the size change occupied the database.

 I download the tool "DBCleaner" in forge. I have seen what occupies more in my environment and I have deleted it (applications, versions, database data ...) but don't change the size of my database environment. 

What do I have to do to reduce the size of my environment?

Attached the images for my database and list of the data that occupy the most. 

Version: Service Studio 11.0.522.0

Thank you in advance

Hi Pablo Heras Juan,

It seems that you do not have a lot of application data (2% used), but you do have many versions/resources. As stated in that OutSystems article , did you free up system data by cleaning old eSpace versions? Would you maybe have an eSpace with more resources than needed that can be cleaned (high resolution images for example)?

Hi, Marco Arede 

Thanks for the reply.

I delete all versions and as you say and it hasn't changed.

It is strange that if you only have 2 applications you have the whole environment occupied.


Hi Pablo Heras Juan,

It can happen because it only has 2 GB, and by publishing you can fill quickly your personal area (it also can depend on the size of your applications).

Note that it will take some time to update the amount of space used in LifeTime, after you delete old eSpaces.

Also, what can be happening is your action to delete old eSpaces, only deletes up to one week. Then maybe there are versions that were not deleted (corresponding to the last week). 

On this case you can download your application, delete the existing server version, and upload again (to clean versions).

Hope this helps.


I have the same situation in my personal environment.

I created a ticket and waiting for an answer. It didn't clean even I delete all old espace versions from service center. Also, I deleted all dropped tables, attributes with DB Cleaner.

If I have any response from OutSystems Support then I'll share in that post with all.

With best regards,