Hi. I am new to Outsystems, and everything was fine until I tried to merge two modules because I accidentally did some work in a separate module when I tried to change the name of the mobile app. After that, some error occurred and there’s a screen that says, “We are recovering your work...Please Wait”. It’s been like that for days and I can’t close the Outsystems application or fully turn off the computer. I tried opening the module in another tab but only the module where I did one thing pops up, and the one with all my work is inaccessible. I know all of my work is still there because I have the Ousystems Now App and everything is there, I just can’t change it. So does anyone know how to get this loading screen to go away and make the updated version the one that comes up when I click on modules? Thank you.

Environment: in cloud

Platform version: 11.0.308.0

Hi Italia,

You are a patient person if you actually waited for days :). You can be sure it won't get out of that, ever, so I'd close Service Studio and/or reboot your PC (since sometimes Service Studio keeps hanging in the background).

That said, you can always access previous versions of Modules, either via Service Studio (via the "Other versions" button of the "Open from Environment" pop-up) or via Service Center (Factory / eSpaces).