EnhancedWebRefences API question

A co-worker and I are trying to add a WSSE header for a SOAP service that we are consuming.   I found another thread on the user forums indicating that SetWebReferenceSOAPHeaders should be able to accomplish this by adding the WSSE portion of the envelope to the Header Element list.  

I haven't be able to make it far enough to test that because on the SetWebReferenceSOAPHeaders I have to provide the name of the web service we are consuming, and no matter what I try it says that it does not match the name of a consumed service.

On the attached screenshot you can see that the input param matches the web service name.  I'm at a loss.  Any ideas?

Here is an OML showing that I have consumed a web service, but when I try to SetWebReferencesSOAPHeaders it says the name entered doesn't match a consumed service.  

Without looking at the code, I believe what you want is the exact name you see on the Integrations tab of your module in SeviceCenter.

I have tried that name.   The SOAP service I'm consuming is "Dilbert"   and when I enter that literal value it says that it does not match a consumed web service.   I'm at a loss.

Are you using OutSystems 11? If so, perhaps this is your issue:

"This API is deprecated and will not work with the new SOAP implementation that supports up to SOAP 1.2.

Use the SOAP Extensibility API to customize SOAP requests in the new implementation of consumed SOAP web services available in OutSystems 11."


For adding headers, this article may be useful:


Yep, we are on OS11... I'll give that a read.