Structure auto generate from click "Copy to response body" is duplicated?

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I have 2 API (GetCandidateByRecruitmentID and GetRecruitment) that can be consumed. When I consume each API at a time, it generates structure reponse and request correctly. But when I consume both 2 API, structure that auto generate is not only duplicated, but also auto change structure name. I don't know why?

When I consume API GetCandidateByRecruitmentID

When I consume API GetRecruitment

When I consume both API GetRecruitment and API GetCandidateByRecruitmentID

Content attribute is duplicated, structure "GetCandidateByRecruitmentIDResponse" name auto change to "Recruitment2". I try to change name of structure when expose API but it still happen like that.

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I resolved the issue by changing the name structure to what I want